Adriana Gorski has accepted a full-time, permanent position  at an agency out of town and thus will no longer be seeing clients in the City of Greater Sudbury and Area.  Former clients may contact her at until Nov. 30, 2019.  After that time, please view the CRPO website for the most up-to-date contact information.


Communication / Conflict Management / Friendship / Parental Leadership / Life Transitions / Rules, Routines & Responsibilities / Stepfamily Formation & Management

Family Therapy / Parenting Guidance

Family relationships can also be improved through family therapy.  Though child therapy  (for elementary or junior high school age children) is best provided by a child therapist (which I am not), family therapy can help families navigate some of life's challenges by improving communication, validating emotions, building friendship skills among members and learning how to have fun together.  Even in instances where a preadolescent child is on a waitlist to get into child therapy or an adolescent child refuses to attend at all, parents can still attend on their own to learn how to change the atmosphere of their home to be more positive and encouraging for all therein.


Not sure whether your needs are best addressed by individual therapy (for child, adolescent or adult) or family therapy?  Ask yourself this question, "Is the issue more one individual family member's mental, emotional, academic or social struggle, or is the issue more about the strains between  family members?"  The former is likely better addressed by child, adolescent or adult individual therapy while the latter may be better helped by family therapy or parenting guidance.


Another question to ask, "Is the issue something that affects one member of the family more than others, or is it something that all are struggling with?"  The former is likely better addressed by a therapist working with that individual while the latter a family therapist may be of assistance with.


Fees for Family Therapy

Each therapy session for families is 90 minutes in length and is thus priced accordingly at $132.74 + 13% HST per session.  Fees for sessions that have been missed or late-cancelled (i.e., cancelled with less than 24-hours notice) are 50% of the session fee ($66.37 + 13% HST).


The first session typically involves the parent/s meeting with the therapist in order to determine the goals of therapy and the associated treatment plan.  The total number of sessions required to achieve the therapeutic goals will depend on the number and types of goals set, the time set aside by the family to work on therapeutic goals (including at home) and the efforts the family (particularly the adults) put into the process.  Ways of interacting with our family members are often habitual - time and effort thus are needed to learn and implement new ways of interacting with one another before they become part of one's habit repertoire.  





Family therapy is contraindicated when one or more of the following is occuring in the family seeking help:

  • ongoing domestic violence (actual or threats of physical or sexual abuse in the home or family relationship/s)

  • serious (i.e., potentially life-threatening) untreated mental illness (e.g., active psychosis, suicidal threats or attempts, self-harm (e.g., cutting), eating disorders, trauma/PTSD, and the like), or

  • active drug or alcohol abuse.


If you are experiencing ongoing physical, verbal/emotional (e.g., threats of harm or captivity) or sexual violence in your family, please contact the Domestic Violence Treatment Centre at 705-675-4743.


Similarly, if you or your partner or family member are experiencing serious untreated mental disorders as outlined above, please contact Health Sciences North Crisis Centre at 705-675-4760.


If you, your parenting partner or your children are abusing drugs or alcohol and are experiencing family relationship difficulties, the latter may very well be a result of the former, even if the former are being used to cope with the latter - it can be a self-perpetuating cycle.  Please get started with treatment for the drug or alcohol abuse by contacting one or more of the following:


Sudbury Mental Health and Addictions:  705-523-4988

Monarch Recovery Services (for women):  705-674-5090

Monarch Pre- and Post-Treatment Services (for men):  705-674-4193

The Oaks Centre in Elliott Lake (co-ed):  (705) 461-4508

Alcoholics Anonymous (for alcoholics):  705-674-6217

Narcotics Anonymous (for drug addicts):  705-688-9929

Al-Anon (for non-addicted family members of addicts):  705-674-6217