Adriana Gorski has accepted a full-time, permanent position  at an agency out of town and thus will no longer be seeing clients in the City of Greater Sudbury and Area.  Former clients may contact her at until Nov. 30, 2019.  After that time, please view the CRPO website for the most up-to-date contact information.


Communication / Conflict Management / Friendship / Meshing Life Dreams / Creating Shared Meaning / Life Transitions

Couples Relationship Therapy

Couples relationship therapy services allows couples the opportunity to improve their relationship in one or more of the following areas:

  • communicating effectively

  • managing conflict respectfully

  • fondness, friendship and admiration

  • blending life dreams and creating shared symbolic meaning

  • parenting challenges

  • affair recovery

  • re-marriage and stepparenting challenges

  • managing life transitions together (starting family, empty nest, retirement, etc.)

  • managing life challenges together (losses, illnesses, etc. of one or both partners)

This couples therapist integrates the Gottman Method of relationship assessment with both Solution-Focused and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapies to address the issues identified in the assessment sessions.


Process of Couples Therapy

The first two sessions include a thorough assessment (joint and individual interviews plus written Gottman questionnaires), resulting in a verbal report given in the third session that summarizes the results of the assessments and outlines the priorities and plan for treatment, based on the first two sessions.  The total number of sessions required beyond the first 3 sessions to achieve the therapeutic goals will depend on the number and types of goals set, and the time and effort the couple puts into the process.  Most marital problems have developed over years and so there are no "quick fixes" for most situations.  

Fees for Couples Therapy

Each therapy session for couples is 90 minutes in length and priced at $88.50 + 13% HST per hour ($132.74 + 13% HST per session).


Additional fees of $22.12 + 13% HST per session are charged at each of the first two sessions for the extensive Gottman assessments that are given at the end of the first session and filled out by each member of the couple in time for the second session.  The therapist scores these assessments and a verbal report of the results is given in the third session.


An optional written report of the results and treatment plan can be provided for an additional fee of $44.25 + 13% HST (due at payment of second session). 

Fees for sessions that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are 50% of the session fee ($66.37 + 13% HST).



Couples relationship therapy is not intended for those:

  • experiencing ongoing physical violence in their home or relationship

  • experiencing serious (i.e., potentially life-threatening) untreated mental illness (e.g., active psychosis, suicidal threats or attempts, self-harm (e.g., cutting), eating disorders, trauma/PTSD, and the like), or

  • engaging in active drug or alcohol abuse.


If you are experiencing ongoing physical, verbal/emotional (e.g., threats of harm or captivity) or sexual violence in your relationship, please contact the Domestic Violence Treatment Centre at 705-675-4743.


Similarly, if you or your partner or family member are experiencing serious untreated mental disorders as outlined above, please contact Health Sciences North Crisis Centre at 705-675-4760.


If you or your partner are abusing drugs or alcohol and are experiencing relationship difficulties, the latter may very well be a result of the former, even if the former are being used to cope with the latter - it can be a self-perpetuating cycle.  Please get started with treatment for the drug or alcohol abuse by contacting one or more of the following:


Sudbury Mental Health and Addictions:  705-523-4988

Monarch Recovery Services (for women):  705-674-5090

Monarch Pre- and Post-Treatment Services (for men):  705-674-4193

The Oaks Centre in Elliott Lake (co-ed):  (705) 461-4508

Alcoholics Anonymous (for alcoholics):  705-674-6217

Narcotics Anonymous (for drug addicts):  705-688-9929

Al-Anon (for non-addicted family members of addicts):  705-674-6217