Adriana Gorski has accepted a full-time, permanent position  at an agency out of town and thus will no longer be seeing clients in the City of Greater Sudbury and Area.  Former clients may contact her at until Nov. 30, 2019.  After that time, please view the CRPO website for the most up-to-date contact information.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Counselling and psychotherapy services can help!

For couples, individuals and families in the City of Greater Sudbury and area who are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, anger or dissatisfaction in themselves, their couple or family relationships, their parenting or their worklife.

take control of



Whatever issues have brought you to where you are seeking counselling or psychotherapy services, now is likely the time to take action. Meeting with a therapist can enable you to discover what has brought you to this point and determine what will be needed in order to get you through current challenges.  Your new perspective and behaviours can then provide you with hope for a better future.




  • Relationship by marriage

  • A strong liking or attraction between one person and another

  • Any close link or connection, affinities of language and culture


The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language.  1990 Edition.  Lexicon Publications, Inc., New York.

stop being caught in the headlights of life


If you are fighting with symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress or anger in your life, shorter-term counselling can provide you with the opportunity to learn techniques to cope with these conditions while longer-term psychotherapy can change some of the underlying internal processes that may alleviate the conditions.


If you are currently experiencing signficant life challenges such as separation or divorce, career loss or changes, or death of a loved one, the listening ear and caring guidance and support of a counsellor can give you emotional strength to deal with the multitude of changes that often occur in these types of challenges.


And finally, if you are experiencing relationship battles or tough transitions with your loved ones, couples or family therapy can enable all participating parties to learn healthier ways of dealing with conflict inherent in all relationships and rebuild your affinity for one another again.